Sunday, June 21, 2009

Time Travel

For as long as I can remember all my adult life my Mom and I have talked on the phone every Sunday morning. Rarely did a week go by that we didn't talk. Then Mom and Lorne (and their 2 cats) hit the highways and back roads in an RV for some adventure, and we got computers, I got married, the phone calls ended. Now she's settled in South Carolina and though we don't talk on the phone as much we email regularly and follow each others blogs. Modern times.

She emails my brother and uncle and calls Grandma regularly and continues to be our connection to each other. So, she emails me that Grandma's 89th birthday is coming up and that Grandma is becoming friends with the folks at her local Farmer's Market, which I had the opportunity to visit during a trip there last year. So on my list this weekend was to write my Grandma a letter. And in doing so I included a photo of a Farmer's Market that Will and I visited Zanzibar.
And I wrote my Grandma a letter.

Hi Grandma:

Mom emailed me last week with the family news and mentioned your 89th birthday is coming up, so Happy Birthday to you! I turned 50 this year.

As the 4th of July approaches I'm remember our trip to Troy 3 years ago. Will says that was the best 4th of July he has ever had. It was truly memorable for us. And I was so moved to see him riding grandpa's tractor.

The photo I printed to write this note on is one I took at the "Farmer's Market" in Stonetown, Zanzibar 2005. We have a couple of local Farmer's Markets here but I don't get to them nearly often enough.

Will and I went to a dance performance held in a 100 year old church in Echo Park last night. It was a cool and comfortable evening so we walked there (0.8 miles). The performance was a modern interpretation of the story about Eve. Very nicely choreographed with wonderful dancers and live music.

On the way home we stopped at a new bar in the neighborhood and got carded at the door. I guess in the dim light he couldn't see Will's gray hair and the wrinkles forming around my 50 year old eyes.

But, life is good here. We are enjoying our new upstairs space and our animals continue to provide us with much joy. My only wish is to have more time to travel, to visit my family, and to go to Farmer's Markets.


Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Other Side

We're in!

Friday I got the call from Jesus that they were done. They put one more coat of varnish on the stairs treads on the way out so it was taped off when I got home. I hauled out a box fan and aimed it at the tacky stairs hoping to accelerate the drying process. Finally Saturday evening we wiped down the bedroom furniture, took the bed parts up and assembled them, and moved the bed and night stands up to our new master bedroom. And we woke up this morning with one cat and a dog in the bed and we all watched the sun rise from our second floor vantage point.

Will also scored a great deal on two pair of closet systems from Costco (John Louis Home) saving us a whole bunch of money. I'm not totally in love with the mahogany finish (a tad too red) but it's a very nice unit. That installation project will come another day though. We're going to try and make some order of the rest of the house today.