Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Crate of Sunshine

Will and I went on a late afternoon Costco run yesterday and stocked up on animal supplies, and picked out a couple of books each, along with a crate of oranges. So this morning I'm searching the cupboards for my glass juicer and finally finding it in a plastic storage container under the blue colander in the back of the lower cupboard I began splitting oranges and twisting the juice out of them. On queue, the sun streamed in through the kitchen window.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

This Year I Resolve

A year ago I made a resolution to get control of my weight. And I controlled it, for six full months. Then it took control of me. I struggled, and even won a few, but then I gave in. In the six months of the year that I won the battles, I lost 25 pounds. In the six months that I lost the struggles, I gained back 8.

Now another New Year is approaching.

I feel my motivation re-igniting, and my will power gaining strength. I see myself on the trail with my husband and two dogs. I can clearly see myself rising out of bed in the early morning light getting in a two mile walk with said husband and two dogs. And as the days lengthen I see myself lighten. And I look forward to it.

One more weekend of indulgence. Chocolates, wine, rich and robust meals. Then healthful eating can resume, with appropriately portioned, nutritious meals with lots of fruits and vegis.

This year I resolve to win more than struggle. Not to gain weight but to gain control of my weight. To be active in my pursuit of good health.

*Note: In the self-photo taken Christmas morning in my jammys and with my glassses on, I'm wearing a string of black pearls and pearl earrings, given to me for Christmas by my wonderful husband. On some evening, I don't even remember when, I made some mention of liking black pearls. Not even said in the "what I want for Christmas" way, at all. Just a comment. And do you know what, he went and remembered that.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Historic Mission Inn, Riverside

Just back from a wonderful outing to Riverside. Riverside you say? Yeah, nice place to visit ...

But this was for what has become an annual Christmas (or in this case Christmas Eve) dinner with my husband and Mother-in-law. We had early reservations so we hit the long road to Riverside at about 3:30 this afternoon, and only hitting a smidgen of traffic around Montebelo, I believe, arrived at the Historic Mission Inn before 5:00. I wanted to have a drink in the Presidential Lounge
but the place was packed so we took a couple of photos and ogled the beautiful old place then found our way to the Mission Inn Restaurant for our dining pleasure.

We were led to a courtyard table and once out there ogled some more. The place was dripping in holiday lights and there were gilded, animated characters situated at all of the little balconies. The fountain was topped with boughs and a gold deer and holiday music was playing softly.
The Mojio, sorry to say, was very disappointing, arriving sans muddled mint and tasting more Margarita-y. The food however was awesome, even though the service was not the greatest. Then, between the main course (I had the Lamb Osso Buco) and desert (a Carrot Cake Pyramid) we were treated to a couple of lovely carols sung a capella by a young strolling quartet dressed in period clothes. In fact during the second song their voices rang so true and beautiful that, yes, I cried. It was truly beautiful.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Chirstmas Tree Trimming

We motored on over to the local Delancey Street Tree Lot and picked out a stately Noble Fir. Once back home and inside we set the tree up mostly straight in it's water pan. With the help of our most helpful pup, Ranger, and the football game on and a couple of Egg Nogs we trimmed the tree while a batch of Tex-Mex Chile simmered in the slow cooker.
Merry Christmas to all!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

By My Side

I realized last night during our company holiday dinner, held this year at Off Vine in Hollywood, that this was the 4th that my husband has escorted me to. The first time was only about a month after we had met, and when I invited him I was really shocked that he said yes. I think at the top of anyone's list of least favorite things to do would be to attend the spouse's company holiday dinner. And even more so the woman you've only been dating a month. But he said yes, and has been there by my side every year. Even though I know its definitely not his favorite thing to do. That is love. That is being a companion and a caring husband. That is being a good man. Besides, he was the best looking husband there, tall and handsome in his suit and tie, he's interesting, funny and just so wonderful. It's a good feeling.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Signs of Christmas Spirit

There's a little run-down house I pass on London Street on my way to and from work every day. At this time of year like everyone else with Christmas spirit they put their holiday decorations out. Every year it's the same ensemble on the little patch of lawn, including inflatable Santa, Snowman and Penguin. On my way home from work they are plump and jolly as I make my way around the bend.
And every morning they are puddles of vinyl like snowballs melted by the Southern California sunshine.
But I know that by the day's end as I come around the bend they will be plump and jolly again.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Good Year

I have a Flickr account set up. Yay! It's a work in progress. I'll probably be selecting some of our travels to put up there. It'll be a lot better than plopping them in to the posts here.

Almost the end of the year. It's been a good one. A spectacular and wonderful road trip. Took care of some stuff around the house, like getting it painted. Hiked some new trails. Found good homes for our Navajo Nation pups. Visited family.

What's in store for the next year? Can't say right now. I know there will by things to achieve, to accomplish, to see, to do. Travel? You bet. Home improvement? There's always something. Get back on the FitDay track? Definitely.

And as always with my husband at my side we'll ride into our future embracing every moment of it. Man I love him so.