Sunday, January 27, 2008

Architecture Buffs

At least that's how the L. A. times described the 1,000 people who were lucky enough to get a rare tour of Frank Lloyd Wright's first of four "textile-block" houses that he built in the hills surrounding Los Angeles. And sweetie and I were among them. Photography wasn't allowed inside the house, which is too bad because it was really a beautiful space, but we snapped away outside.

Photo set on Flickr
and Will's are here

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Work Around

After telling my sweetie about spying two beautiful hawks soaring from my 12th floor office window with late afternoon clouds dramatically hanging in the sky and NOT having my camera, his comment was "Have you learned nothing?" So in my purse my camera went and although I saw no hawks outside my window there were rain clouds and rainbows.* * *
And at a red light there was this painted city utility cabinet .

Sunday, January 20, 2008

OK, How Much is That Doggie in the Window

Sorry, I couldn't resist. While I was along the side of the house checking my bike's tire pressure and getting ready to roll downtown, my Ranger was looking down at me from the bay window.
See, how could I resist.

With calm winds and mid-sixty temps it was a perfect day for a ride. Sweetie suggested we go see the matinee showing of Cloverfield, head over to the Library for a photo exhibit, then check out the art installation at MOCA's Geffen Contemporary, and wrap the whole thing up in Margaritas at Olvera Street before the roll home.

While L. A. is mostly flat, and I have demonstrated that I can manage some of the city's inclines, it was still a
somewhat ambitious ride for me. We left the house at 12:00 for a 1:00 movie, giving me pleeeeenty of time to get there. Well, we got there, in 20 minutes.

I biked 9.2 miles. Yay!

Photos from today on Flickr.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Fine Day

A fine day for a bike ride around the reservoir.At the end of the loop we stopped at the Back Door Cafe for breakfast and a cool down. Will told me this morning that their owner and business neighbor has evicted them and today is their last day at this location. Lot's of people there to support them, along with their doggies.

More on Flickr

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Rainy Days and Sunshine

What to do on a rainy day. Goof on the computer. Go to the market. Do some laundry. Change the bed linens. Play ball with a muddy dog. Take pictures of raindrops. Watch a little football.

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Catherine Russell

Nice sountrack for a lazy day.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

At the beginning of each New Year I wonder what surprises will come my way. Where I will travel to, what I will encounter, and ... where I will get the strength to fight my battle. Fortunately my battle is, what, I was going to write "small". But is the battle with my weight small? Is this where I pick up the phone and "call Jenny"? I know what needs to be done and I know why. It's maintaining that effort, because it is a huge effort, that is so tough. And those who have never fought this battle can never really know how much it takes to take it on. My opponent.

However, I will take it on. And I will lose weight and the benefits of that will be apparent. I will ride my bike and have the stamina and strength to roll more than just a 2 mile loop. I will hike the trails and cobbled streets wherever it is I travel to and handle the elevations with relative ease. I don't want to always be the last one up.
So, on to a happy and healthy 2008. I'm ready for whatever comes my way. The wondrous and lovely daily adventures and delights, to the difficult decisions and challenges of life.