Sunday, April 03, 2011

The Wonders of the East

Just back from our whirlwind trip to Thailand and Cambodia, my husband and I were with a band of travelers, compliments of my super great boss. This trip was packed with so many beautiful and interesting destinations, and photography, no matter how stunning or ordinary, can't begin to capture the reality, beauty, or scale of the places we visited.

But that didn't stop me from blazing through my memory cards and snapping 2,217 images.
One of my favorite days happened when we broke away from the group, and with like-minded travelers Miles and Maryann (in the tuk-tuk ahead of us as we approach the gates of the Bayon Temple above), we ditched the luxury bus for a couple of tuk-tuks and hit the road for the countryside and some temples.

I've uploaded a selection to Flickr. Notes and captions still to come.