Sunday, September 10, 2006

Pintura de la Casa Completa

Or, The House Painting is Complete! It took 4 weeks, but it's done. When we did the final walk around yesterday to see if anything needed attention before they called it a day, I saw only one corner spot on the siding that needed touching up and before I could even say anything Victor was there with a brush in his hand painting the spot.

Jesus' guys really did an excellent, if somewhat slow, job. Really thorough. And that's as it should be. I knew Jesus would take care of the details and not short cut the process.

Here are some before and afters. We'll start at the back. BeforeduringAfterThe garden side beforeand after.The front before
and afterI also used a piece of wood salvaged from my old falling-apart potting bench, cut it down to size and painted it, then put the new house numbers up. We have new porch lamps arriving this week with the same arts and crafts detail. It will look very pretty. It's wonderful how transforming a new coat of paint can be. And I love love love the knee braces. They came out perfect.


Jeanette said...

Susan, it looks beautiful!!! The porch is great and I love the house numbers. Mom xxx

cybele said...

The porch does look great, I love how the door pops now. So inviting.

Cinnamon Thoughts said...

Thanks Cybele. We were hesitant to go with the brick on the porch railing because I thought I wanted it to blend into the siding and disappear. But when the color went up it really made everything else more vibrant.