Monday, May 28, 2007

A Little Blue Boat

Port of Call: Dubrovnik

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We boarded a
(replica) 17th century galley ship and sailed from Dubrovnik to the little Island of Lopud for a local fisherman's lunch. Set up on the lawn under a cool canopy of trees we were treated to a nice breeze and Corsican songs by a string quartet while we savored the delicious catch of the moment. It tasted like it was literally just plucked from the sea. Wonderful octopus salads and delicious little squids, and tuna along with fresh herbs and cheeses and breads and spreads. All that and some good Corsican wine and a blaze of azure blue seas.

While most of our party stayed on the terrace overlooking the bay, and Will and some others trekked to the other side of the little island, I stayed and walked along this short stretch of pristine shoreline of this sleepy little isle. No cars , not even golf carts. Just your feet in the sand and a bicycle or two.

And a little blue boat.

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East Coast Girl said...

What a breathtaking view -- I am in awe. I could be happy for a long time just savoring that view! It's too bad you didn't have more time there, it must have been so hard to leave and get back on the boat. Luckily, you had more fabulous destinations ahead to inspire you. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.