Saturday, July 07, 2007

Last Stop Paris

I uploaded the rest of my holiday photos to Flickr. Last stop Paris. It was beautiful riding the train through the South of France.

We couldn't have had a more convenient and beautiful hotel than the Hotel le Notre Dame, at the epicenter of Paris. Literally. In the courtyard of the Notre Dame is a plaque indicating it as Ground Zero.
The light rain and cloud cover was a welcome relief from the warm days we had spend at our ports of call. The sun even obliged us when we scaled the Eiffel Tower with clear blue skies and perfectly billowy clouds. And it wasn't until we descended the Eiffel that the clouds closed ranks again and let the rain fall in earnest.
As we ducked into a shop on the lovely Rue Cler to buy a couple of umbrellas, in the moments it took us to pick one out from the selections on display and hand over our Euros to the shopkeeper, popping them open as we stepped outside, the rain miraculously stopped.

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