Sunday, August 26, 2007

Back to Frogtown

Learning of the Frogtown Art Walk this weekend, Will and I went back to check out the art, the river, and the living spaces of this industrial/artist pocket of Elysian Valley.

We decided to bike over and I managed all of the grades well, except the steepest one leading up to the dog park at the Silver Lake reservoir where I had to hop off and walk the bike up. Other than that I was able to shift down to the "little" gears and pedal my way up the slopes in the road.
We arrived in time to take the guided River Walk tour with Joe Linton, author of Down by the Los Angeles River.Then we met up with Stephen and Alice and walked through the artist's cool studio spaces and interesting and creative artwork.There was some really creative stuff as well as a monster "swing" that Will got some great footage of. Man how I wanted to take a swing at that contraption. But somehow my better sense prevailed, and I remained grounded. Next year perhaps?

Alice suggested we stop at Gingergrass for dinner. So heading through the quiet streets of Frog Town after dark we made our way to the restaurant. Being in our biking clothes and somewhat sweaty from the efforts of riding, the restaurant was very comfortable and casually low-key, and very busy. All of the dishes that passed our table looked really good. I settled on the special of Walnut Chicken that was just wonderful and Will had the yummy Shaking Beef.

With dinner done we hopped in the saddle and rolled over and around Silver Lake reservoir and home.

More on my Flicker and Will's.

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