Tuesday, November 20, 2007

South Carolina Here We Come

Packed, check.
Boarding passes printed, check.
All animals in and accounted for, check.

Just waiting for the animal/house sitter to arrive. Then we're off to LAX to board the 10:45 to Charlotte NC where we'll have time for an early breakfast before catching the short connecting flight to Myrtle Beach, SC.
Mom's got her menu posted (and it sounds wonderful). We're alomost there.


East Coast Girl said...

I followed your link to your Mom's blog, and I really enjoy her writing style. It's comfortable and familiar, even though we have never met. I read back though previous entries, and I quite enjoy reading about her lovely, simple, and quiet lifestyle near the beach and her outings.

I wanted to send her a comment, but I do not have a Yahoo logon, so it was blocked -- so I hope you will pass this on. Also, a comment on her Sept.22 entry, I believe the plant in question is a Bluebell (Ruellia brittoniana). It is normally seen as a pond or bog plant, as it likes to have its feet wet, but can also be grown in the ground or in a pot with very moist soil. It likes warm, damp, weather, as in SC, and is drought resistent.

Examples of Ruellia are here:
and here:

Hope this helps.

Susan said...

Thanks ecg. That's very sweet. I'll pass this along to my Mom.

Happy holidays to you and yours.