Sunday, December 02, 2007

This Will Only Take a Minute

The weekend is spent. Another work-week is near. I think about it sometimes. The deadlines. The day to day challenges of the job I do. It never lets up, and it takes its toll. I feel like the time I have to take care of my personal needs, my relationship's needs, my animal's needs, is compartmentalized and sectionalized.

Oh I have five minutes to throw the ball Ranger, and I have to get ready for work. I have five minutes to talk to Will about our holiday plans, and the clothes are ready to be taken out of the dryer. While he vacuums I dust, and the dogs just drag in more dirt. But that's life right. We do plenty of interesting things, enjoyable things, relaxing things, amazing things. And even with five minutes here, five minutes there, a lifetime's worth of wonderful moments is assembled into something pretty fantastic, my life.

The flower was taken in Georgetown, SC, during our trip to Mom's for Thanksgiving this year. It was so good to see you Mom. I'm glad you and Lorne are doing so well and that you settled in such a pretty place. I look forward to my retirement with Will and the places we will see and the things we will do.


Will Campbell... said...

We may not be able to make more time but we can work together to make the best of it! I love you, baby!

Susan said...

Yep, and it's pretty fantastic too!