Sunday, June 01, 2008

Not For All The Tea In Mexico

I discovered a wonderful tea that is absolutely great iced and I can't find it anymore. It's TADIN Mango Green Tea. I believe this tea company is based in Mexico and they distribute out of a plant in the City of Commerce. I don't like the the flavored teas on the supermarket shelves these days, they are too heavily flavored and sweet, and buying them by the bottle is way too expensive. I'd rather brew my own. And at $4 box, 25 tea bags gets me 4 pitchers of iced tea. I placed one order of 10 boxes of tea on Amazon and when I went back to reorder my second order only shipped 2 boxes, the rest on back order for forever. Then I found another site that carried them and ordered 10 boxes and only received 1, the rest back ordered for eternity.
So I'd been thinking about going to Chinatown to find a good replacement tea. Something light and fruity but not "flavored" and "sweetened". I googled and found that Ten Ren's Tea is the place for me. I found the small shop at the butt end of a crazy shopping center, and the woman on duty was very nice and helpful. One side of the shop is for traditional teas, the other side has a boba tea counter. No mango green teas in the traditional tea side but I bought a Plum Tea, Rose Green Tea and Hibiscus Green Tea. At the Boba tea counter I ordered a Mango Green Tea Cooler, without the boba. it was really really good.I haven't tried my tea bounty yet, but I hope they fill the void until all the tea in Mexico makes its way across the border and on to my local supermarket shelves again, or Amazon fills their back orders.

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