Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Main Attractions

It took me all day (off and on) to go through and edit, crop, and correct photos. Then it will take some more time to select images for Flickr. I won't put all 1900+ up. But the main attractions are:

Tula's Toltec Ruins
* * *
Queretaro's Aquaducts
* * *
Just About Everything In Guanajuato
There will be plenty more to come...


Jim said...

Just a pop quiz-

In about 1300 bc. the Greeks started building arches in their construction. About the year zero the Romans started to use mortar to improve on that.

When were these arches built?

Cinnamon Thoughts said...

Hey Jim: The Queretaro auquaducts were built in 1726, and completed in 1738. There are I beleive 74 arches and they stretch about a mile.