Sunday, December 07, 2008

La Mano Press

Will and I took a trip downtown to stop by La Mano Press' art sale. They're shutting down the Los Angeles shop. I picked up a piece by Emilia Garcia printed on an alter candle, and Will a great piece by Artemio Rodriguez himself.

The day was cool and we had just left Costco where we bulked up on pet food, litter, and Diet Pepsi. The place is always, always a nightmare of clueless drivers clogging up the traffic flow in the parking lot. I really never ever cease to wonder why some people will sit there with three cars stacked behind them and wait for someone to unload and pull out of their space, rather the park in a spot that would require them to walk a little bit. So, as we inched around just such a tardo, and drive on back to the rear of the store, there are literally dozens of available parking spaces.

With that chore done and behind us as we passed a Christmas Tree lot with day-glo flocked trees lined up against the chainlink fence Will scolded me for not having my seatbelt on, which caused me to then miss my shot as we shot by the day-glo flocked Christmas trees. Recovering I "click it or ticket" and we continued our way across the bridge to the artists space near the San Antonio Winery. No tardos, no hassles, no lines at the check out. Just art and artists, and a bowl of Reeses penut butter cups, and Chicklets gum, and my sweetie pie. Happy days.


Jeanette said...

Which picture did you get on your candle? I checked out the artist. Nice. You said they were shutting the LA shop. Are there more somewhere else? I like the art.

Cinnamon Thoughts said...

Artemio said they have a shop in Mexico. The other artists there, like Emilia, have their own things going on here and are staying (I believe). I got one of her dia de los muertos couples on the alter candle, and 3 refrigerator magnets.

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