Sunday, February 08, 2009


After dropping off his truck at the shop Will and I walked home along the Silver Lake Reservoir where we spied this lovely tree. It reminded me of the Magnolia Plantation gardens in South Carolina.

On the way we stopped for breakfast at Local and pondered such trivial things as whether or not the homeless are ever arrested for stealing those shopping carts. Will counters that they aren't stealing them so much as finding them. So they are rescuing them I say. And I say, you know they have rolly carts that you can order online. To which he makes a point as to why that may not work since the homeless don't have a ship-to address ... or money ... or a computer.


Jeanette said...

You two are to funny. You have these in depth conversations like Lorne and I do.

Pretty pink blossoms.


philpalm said...

In the late 90's they did a shopping cart roundup with the shopping cart trucks and the police.

I know that shopping carts finished being used by the homeless end up really filthy and the Grocery stores had to pay a special shopping cart cleaner to clean them every week.

In Glendale Grocery stores/and other stores are forced to have a special strip around their parking lots that will lock the wheels of a shopping cart leaving the lot.

Anonymous said...

one pet peeve of mine are folks who don't bother placing the carts in the allocated areas of the shopping center parking lots, and instead, allow them to take up parking spaces, or worse, drift unattended across the parking lot only to crash into an unsuspecting vehicle.

since we can't shoot those lazy slothbags, I say the abandoned carts should be allowed to be retrieved by whomever would ensure that; a) my car not be damaged, and b) someone who will actually put it to good use (ie. shelter, storage unit, transportation), since obviously the carts would be better off with someone who actually appreciates them...