Sunday, March 15, 2009


After encountering a major issue with the upstairs project we are back on track. To stop was really not an option. But I needed time to wrap my brain around the increase in price and the decrease in space, and there may not be anything left over to do the kitchen.

Plans have been re-drawn, talk was veering towards giving up the tub and scaling way back, and we're forced to stay within the same dormer walls. I'm not happy about the compromises I've had to make and I told Will that I'm not quite done venting. But we've worked a solution that only eliminates the storage piece between the double sinks, and space. I know in the end it will be beautiful and I'll love it. I remember when Bink was a kitten and I had just brought him home. Shortly after that my bunny Button died. I was so sad for my loss that I couldn't love Bink, and I resented his presence in a way. Of course this is only a bathroom, but still.

So I've been lamenting, and venting, and even crying some. But it will be beautiful. And I will love it. And we are pressing onward with renovations.


Jeanette said...

Oh, the woes of remodeling. It will be beautiful.

Thanks for the new desktop pic of Ranger. Give her a hug from her Grandma.

Susan said...

It will be beautiful.
We all appreciate the hugs.