Sunday, November 01, 2009

Hey. Froggy.

My husband poked me this morning and suggested I update my blog. I know it's been a while. There's been a lot happening since our trip to Bug Sur soooooo many weeks ago. The newest addition to our family are three tree-frogs. We call them Hop, Skip and Ajump. They're hard to photograph but I finally got a pretty good one here. They have settled in real nice and when they bark the dogs don't bark back anymore. Just part of the family. And I get endless enjoyment out of watching them catch them crickets.

My Mom came to visit a couple of weekends ago. She made the trip West and her first stop was my Brother's in Reno, then on to Grandma's in Redding, and the final stop was me. Will was in San Diego at a conference until early Saturday evening so Mom and I were able to hang out just like old times. She used to come visit me (before I was a married lady) every May, and I'd go visit her every Thanksgiving. My agenda for her visit was pretty loose, we sat on the porch, went to a craft fair and farmer's market, strolled a couple of shops in my Silver Lake neighborhood and ate really good food. I often wish she weren't so far away. It'd be nice to call her up and go do something together. There's so much we have in common. She's better than any best friend I've ever had ('cept my husband). We are two peas, that's for sure. Will also treated me and both our Moms to the Mark Taper to see "Parade". And that was about the best play I've ever seen.

Halloween was a success. We added to our graveyard collection of bones and skulls, tombstones and ghosts. Really nice turn out and the neighbor kids came by to check it out. Photos on Flickr.

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Jeanette said...

First you make me teary and then you show me pictures that make me laugh. We did have a pretty wonderful time didn't we. I'm going to link your pictures tomorrow on my blog.

I'll know more about Grandma tomorrow.
This is sure dragging out, isn't it.