Sunday, June 06, 2010

Mango Salsa with a Brief Update

I made Mango Salsa to go along with grilled steaks for dinner tonight.
I know. I've been neglecting my blog. It's just that I find it hard to keep up with. It's not that there's nothing going on, because there certainly is. We've had a wonderful rainy winter and the garden is blooming big time. The Easter lilys were bigger and there were more blooms than I've ever seen. The Jasmin is full and fragrant. The Rosemary, well oh my goodness, aromatic heaven.

Sadly, Skip, one of our three tree frogs, died a couple of weeks ago. Now there's just Hop and Ajump. Skip was my favorite. He was always the first one to come down when I was tapping crickets in for them to hunt. We wrapped him in a paper towel and tied it with ribbon, and buried him in the garden under the water dish in which sits an iron frog from Guanajauto, Mexico.

There have been wonderful weekends and visits to LACMA where I had a nice chat with a woman from South Africa while I waited for my husband. We biked the Art in Historic Places, a self guided tour through West Adams District to view local artists work and their historic homes.

We're enjoying plenty of warm afternoons on the porch with the dogs, watching a hummingbird fly in and out of her nest, sipping sangria, mojitos, or just tea.

Time to get the steaks an the grill and pop open a cold Corona.

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Jeanette said...

All sounds wonderful to me. You have a hummingbird's nest. How fun. I remember how much fun it is to sit out on the porch with you.