Monday, July 04, 2011

What's Goin' On

This long weekend has been spent taking advantage of California's outdoor weather. A walk to the Silver Lake Farmer's Market always turns into photo ops.Exploring the nearby Big Tajunga Canyon was a very pleasant surprise. Yellow wildflowers exploding everywhere and a river running through it.

Weeks past we've been enjoying classics on the big screens of Los Anagles' grand theaters on Broadway.Link
As well as a jaunt out to Ojai for the Lavender Festival.

Whew. Summer's here.

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Jeanette said...


They sure don't make beautiful theaters like that anymore. I loved the photos of the Lavender Festival. That is my kind of day. I can smell it now. Hey, that horse loved Will.
That is such a cute picture. The purple lion picture also caught my eye.