Saturday, May 12, 2012


That's my Mom Jeanette on the left, my Grandma Laura in the middle, and me on the right. My Grandma's neighbor and good friend Tess took photos of the three of us during our visit to my Grandma's this past March. Though you wouldn't know it from this photo, it's a tough time for the three of us. My Grandma now lives by herself. My Mom and I live so far away and although my Grandma is able to live independently and she has wonderful and caring neighbors and friends, like dear Tess, as she approaches her 92nd birthday this year my Mom and I worry about her.

Being the new steward of our family photos, I've gone through them several times and there are some wonderful photos of my family, some dating back to the 19-teens. There are photos of my Grandma as a young woman with my Grandpa and her children, to my Mom as a toddler and a young girl growing up, to those from my childhood bringing back the memories of my life.

And here we are many many years ago. Me on the left, my Mom in the middle, and Grandma on the right.
This was probably 1968 or so, and I'm probably about 9. I remember that dress. I just love my Mom's hairdo, and I believe my Grandma is younger than I am now in this picture.

Another one found in the family photo shoebox. This is in the 70s. I'm in my teens.
I have a wonderful relationship with my Mom, and my husband and my family mean everything to me, but I do wish I had a daughter. With no daughter to continue the generation of our family the lineage will end with me. I am the last in the descent of our family of women. But, so be it. That time has long passed, and I've got my dog, five cats, a tortoise and a tree frog. I'm their Mom.

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