Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Husband's Heart in an Anvil - 7th Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday was our 7th wedding anniversary.
There's been a small box sitting on the floor next to my desk for about a week. It was a heavy little box. So when my husband and I began to open our gifts to each other, I've got the box open and whatever is inside is wound up in bubble wrap, and I'm unwinding it, and it's heavy, and he begins to tell me a little about his search for my gift that ended with him being outbid on ebay. But the next find was a 'buy it now' transaction, and I'm still unwinding my gift from the bubble wrap, so he found this anvil, and before I can even see it, I realize what he's said and that the weight in my hands, right there in my hands, is an anvil, and the tears just come and I'm laughing and crying and laughing. I found out after my Uncle died that my Grandpa's anvil didn't make the last move with my Grandma. Which I understand, it weighed a ton. But I loved that anvil, I wanted that anvil. My Grandpa's anvil. And now may husband, who knew how much it meant, has given that to me, and it's my husband's heart bound in an anvil wrapped with my Grandpa's memory. Thank you sweetie. I love it. I love you.

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