Monday, September 02, 2013

Where There is Boundless Beauty

** Will and Ranger in the Alabama Hills w/Mt Whitney in the background **

There is boundless beauty in the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountain range and valleys. Including these two; Will and Ranger. We traveled the US 395 from Lone Pine to Bodie and explored many points along the way.

Explorations over 6 days:
  • Red Rock Canyon - Nature trail
  • Owens Lake - Cottonwood Charcoal Kilns
  • Lone Pine - Eastern Sierra Inter-Agency Visitor Center
  • Lone Pine - Horseshoe Meadow Rd. to Horseshoe Meadow and Cottonwood Creek; (10,000 ft).
  • Lone Pine - Mt Whitney Portal - Mt Whitney Trail (8,350 ft) to Lone Pine Lake (10,050 ft) - 5.5 mile loop; 1700 ft elevation gain.
  • Mammoth Lakes, Minaret Rd - Devils Postpile Trail to Rainbow Falls (7,500 ft) - 5.6 mile loop, 500 ft ele gain. The trail intersects the mega Pacific Crest Trail and John Muir Trail.
  • Mammoth Lakes Earthquake Fissure - Nature trail off Minaret Rd.
  • Bodie Ghost Town - Photog location; Buildings date from 1870-1880s.
  • Mono Lake - South Tufas and Navy Beach. Photog location and nature trail.
  • June Lake Loop - Scenic drive; 14 mile detour off US395.
  • Convict Lake - 3 mile trail around the lake.
  • Alabama Hills - Movie Flat Rd to Mobius Arch to Heart Arch loop trail and beyond + Tuttle Creek Rd.
  • Lone Pine Film History Museum - w/documentary movie.
  • Lone Pine Cemetery.
  • Lone Pine Earthquake Victims Grave - 1872 mass grave.

Where we stayed:
  • Lone Pine - De La Cour Ranch, Main Cabin 
  • Lee Vining - Murphey's Motel

Where we ate:
  • Lone Pine - Mt Whitney Portal Store 

  • Lee Vining - Whoa Nellie Deli
  • Mammoth - Schat's Bakery
  • Convict Lake - Restaurant at Convict Lake Resort
  • Lone Pine - Alabama Hills Cafe
  • Grillin' back at the ranch

More photos to come...
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Mumbles said...

Oh, my husband and I road-tripped through that area back in 1995, and it was brilliant! We came from Utah, along the 6/50, and then up through California. We visited Bodie, Hornitos, Mono Lake, and all sorts of places in between! It was incredible, and I loved seeing your post!