Saturday, January 07, 2006

Tree Ferries and Lemonade Elfs

Last week it rained buckets and the wind kicked up so we had to forgo our planned hike. Today we made up for it. But first Will scoured the block for abandoned Christmas trees as inevitably the less aware individuals on the planet think the tree ferrie must come along and magically their discarded trees disappear from our city's sidewalks. So he loaded up the truck with our tree, and 4 more collected from the street, and off we went to the Zoo parking lot to have them turned into mulch.Then it was off to Fern Dell for our hike up to the Observatory (which we also did last year at about this same time). A beautiful clear blue day, the sun warm on my skin and the scent of pine on the breeze, and my baby at my side. Fern Dell starts out sweet enough but as you come out of the meandering path along the stream and up onto the hillside it becomes a fairly quick but steep 500’ elevation gain. All told about a 2.5 miler (according to the Garmin Forerunner thingy that my husband has which reveals such things).At the end of our hike we took a drive up the road to see that the renovation is still underway and we can’t get anywhere near the observatory as of yet. We talked of coming back and doing the popular Mount Hollywood trail in the early early morning, catching the sunrise (and beating the crowds).Back at the bottom of the hill we made a stop at the Trail CafĂ© where we had fresh made lemonade, made by this adorably elf-ish young man, and a very tasty hummus wrap with feta, calamata olives and cucumber. And, although tasty, for as petite as the wraps were I think the $6 price tag was a little too much. But that won’t keep me from coming back the next time and giving one of their pies a try.

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