Saturday, January 21, 2006

A Trip to A-Grocery Warehouse

The morning started slow with the sun finding its way into the bedroom and the animals finding their way onto the bed. Cats are hissing and growling, well, not cats, just one cat. Bink. He sleeps in the bed with us, his cat head resting on the pillow. Motor going. Still isn't quite used to the other cats' need to get in his space. And the bed is his territory. His safe place. On it or under it. It's his.

Once up my husband and I talk over coffee about the plans for the day. We want to get a good walk in. I need to get to a book store (and I have a 15% off coupon for Border's). I'd like to go to A-Grocery Warehouse in Echo Park for some Snow Peas.

We decide to cover two-in-one and walk to the A-Grocery Warehouse. It's a good 2.5 mile loop. The winds are calm and the sun is warm. We come upon a man loaded down with balloons and cotton candy making his way on to Sunset from a side street about a mile from Echo Park, his destination.

As he turns off the boulevard we continue on to our destination, A-Grocery Warehouse. The last time I was there it was to find the Galangal root that is essential to making Tom Ka Gai soup, a Thai coconut milk and chicken soup

Today my desire was less exotic, Snow Peas. I've had a yen for them lately and wanted to stock up for the week. After wandering up and down the narrow isles for a bit, squeezing in between carts and people that just stay put when you say "excuse me", we then wound our way out to the produce section by way of the fish counter.

Will also picked up a nice young coconut that, when home and trying to penetrate its thick husk, he ended up resorting to power tools, drilling a straw sized hole into its top to get to the juice, then using a hammer and chisel to crack it open for the tender meat inside (they made it look so easy on the beach in Zanzibar, slicing the top off with a machete).

We did make it to borders and bagged us some books. Also stopped in at Bed, Bath and Beyond where I picked up a nifty new chef's knife, a skillet and a kitchen scale.

On that note, we have both been doing very well with our resolve to control our weight and lose some weight, and have both lost 4 pounds each. Yay!


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