Saturday, April 15, 2006

Duly Blessed and Flower Powered

Our third pilgrimage to the day-before-Easter event at the Olvera Street Plaza that began here in 1930. Buster was flower powered and a big hit as always. The usual suspects were there with any number of shivering Chihuahuas, baskets full o’ pups and exotics of all kinds. I’m a sucker for animals, big and small, and this puppy pit bull was a sweetie-pie. Before we could begin the procession, our Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was introduced and he took the platform speaching away like crazy. Once the politicking was over the Cardinal came on board, said a prayer for all the animals, released a flock of doves into the Southern California skies, then let the holy water fly.

Duly blessed we beelined it over to a patio table at El Paseo Inn for Margaritas and lunch. The sun was out as we ate and drank and listened to Mariachis and watched the procession of the usual suspects pass us by.


cybele said...

Aw, the basket 'o pups is just the cutest!

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