Tuesday, April 04, 2006

@---^---- (a rose)

Actually 2 dozen long stemmed red roses, and lilies and sunflowers, and daisies, and more. Many more.

As I opened the door to my office this morning I was greeted with 4 vases sitting along my desk and credenza brimming with flowers, and a hand made card in front of my monitor and a single red rose next to it. I took it all in and breathed in the heady scent, then called my husband.

"Happy Birthday" he said.

Apparently he, and his accomplice Tigre (my coworker) had a plan. After I left work yesterday, he was on his way to my office when Tigre gave him the call that the coast was clear. A set up. A sting. A surprise. A grand gesture. A gesture of love.

Thank you sweetie. I love you too.

Throughout the day I find it difficult to focus, intoxicated by the scent of roses that fill my office.

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Anonymous said...

How sweet of Will. I love the stained glass window.
Love Mom