Saturday, December 30, 2006

This Year I Resolve

A year ago I made a resolution to get control of my weight. And I controlled it, for six full months. Then it took control of me. I struggled, and even won a few, but then I gave in. In the six months of the year that I won the battles, I lost 25 pounds. In the six months that I lost the struggles, I gained back 8.

Now another New Year is approaching.

I feel my motivation re-igniting, and my will power gaining strength. I see myself on the trail with my husband and two dogs. I can clearly see myself rising out of bed in the early morning light getting in a two mile walk with said husband and two dogs. And as the days lengthen I see myself lighten. And I look forward to it.

One more weekend of indulgence. Chocolates, wine, rich and robust meals. Then healthful eating can resume, with appropriately portioned, nutritious meals with lots of fruits and vegis.

This year I resolve to win more than struggle. Not to gain weight but to gain control of my weight. To be active in my pursuit of good health.

*Note: In the self-photo taken Christmas morning in my jammys and with my glassses on, I'm wearing a string of black pearls and pearl earrings, given to me for Christmas by my wonderful husband. On some evening, I don't even remember when, I made some mention of liking black pearls. Not even said in the "what I want for Christmas" way, at all. Just a comment. And do you know what, he went and remembered that.

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