Saturday, December 16, 2006

By My Side

I realized last night during our company holiday dinner, held this year at Off Vine in Hollywood, that this was the 4th that my husband has escorted me to. The first time was only about a month after we had met, and when I invited him I was really shocked that he said yes. I think at the top of anyone's list of least favorite things to do would be to attend the spouse's company holiday dinner. And even more so the woman you've only been dating a month. But he said yes, and has been there by my side every year. Even though I know its definitely not his favorite thing to do. That is love. That is being a companion and a caring husband. That is being a good man. Besides, he was the best looking husband there, tall and handsome in his suit and tie, he's interesting, funny and just so wonderful. It's a good feeling.

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Will Campbell said...

I love you, bay-bee!