Sunday, February 04, 2007

Shoes Past and Present

I wouldn't say that I love shoes. But I've always liked shoes. I have plenty of them. And usually when I find a pair that I really do love, I wear them constantly and hate to throw them out when I've worn them out. Then wish that I had ordered two or three pair when I got them. But you never know which shoes are going to turn out to be your favorite shoes. I have recently bought a few new pairs of shoes. Although I'm a very economical shopper, you get what you pay for in a shoe. And quality and comfort cost more. I like the Merrell Performance Footwear and recently bought Sketchers that are super cushiony and comfy. So in an effort to find space for my new shoes, I decided to purge my closet of my old shoes. Yes, I actually used to wear these platform crazy-ass healed pumps. How long ago? A long, long time ago. Those are getting tossed in the yard-sale bin to make room for my new Sketchers.

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Lizy said...

Hey shoes look different..very nice and good looking..Good post..