Sunday, April 22, 2007

Klunkerz Rulez

Me and my baby stepped out this afternoon to go see our friend Billy's installation in the Newport Beach Film Festival's documentary category. Klunkers takes place in Marin County, Billy's old stompin' grounds, and the birth place of the mountain bike phenom.

But first up was a stop at a favorite Dim Sum restaurant of Will's (Sea Food Paradise) for some of their signature mayonnaise encrusted shrimp, along with other delectables.
And yes that is a chicken foot in my sweetie's paws. (He's an adventurous eater).

Now, with some people you get a good sense of what kind of person they are real quick. And with Billy, my first impression was that this is a real down to earth guy with a real enthusiasm for life, and that his passions run deep. He's a straight up guy with open arms.
And that enthusiasm and passion shines through in the movie. It really captured the spirit of the time and what it was like to be young when you've got the mountains as your backyard. It made me think of when I was growing up and we moved to Northern California's Shasta County. There, Lake Shasta was my backyard. We knew our way around the back country trails and the cool streams and swimmin' holes and coves along the lakes. Good times. Good movie.

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