Saturday, June 16, 2007

Paint Me a Placemat

I'll tell you how wonderful my husband is. On our first anniversary last year we returned to the Edendale Grill where we went to dinner on our wedding night. I remember the Fried Green Tomatoes were out of this world delish. It was also the paper anniversary and I got my Sweetie a book (which obviously qualifies).

However, not being aware of the
anniversary gift content tradition my adoring husband was lacking in this department. Not that I expected anything at all. But this year when we both came to realize that our anniversary was approaching and that the content of cotton was in order, not only did I receive two gifts (a new cotton covered down comforter and a cotton blanky) but I also received from my loving husband a paper gift (that covered last year's content).

And not just paper, but the paper place mat from a cafe
where we had dinner one glorious night in Paris. Le Notre Dame Cafe and our hotel are wonderfully reproduced on the paper place mats of this cafe and while admiring them Will said he was taking one with him. I didn't think he would get the paper place mat home without creasing it, but he rolled it up and somehow got it home crease-free. Now, a month later, I'd forgotten all about the place mat, but not my Sweetie. He went out and did this, for me. How sweet is that!?! And I think we'll find a nice place for it in the kitchen, our own little cafe.

Second Anniversary Photos here.


Anonymous said...

I swear you get prettier every day. I love your hair. Will sent picture and the one of the placement to Grandma and Michael.


Anonymous said...

I'm doing this again.

I swear you get prettier every day. I love your hair. I will send picture and the one of the placemat to Grandma and Michael.


Cinnamon Thoughts said...

Thank you Mom. :)