Saturday, June 09, 2007

Tea in the Shade of a Palm Tree

Some weekend happenings around the house. We invited Will's mom, Casey, over for BBQ on Memorial Day. I made pasta salad and fresh Bruschetta from an herb blend we bought in Positano. I set the patio table with the linens from Positano and Paris along with my little Venice oil painting and the winged lion sculpture standing on its slab of marble. Will, the grill master, cooked our steaks and we had a lovely bottle of wine and a lovely visit with Will's mom. After transferring about 80 minutes worth of our vacation photos to a DVD to show her, I was thoroughly surprised that she sat through the entire length of it in one sitting and mostly seemed to be interested in them and to enjoy them.
This afternoon out to the back yard I lounged with some tea and the shade of the palm tree and hearing a little chirp I was quite amazed to spot the little hummingbird tike on a fig tree branch. Soon the mom came along and the little tike opened his little beak mouth and mom fed him. I saw her go and come back to repeat the feeding one more time. I finally decided it was time to go get the camera. I got a pretty good one of the little bird sitting on on it's branch. A while later it did a couple of very short flights to other nearby branches and poked around a fig leaf like I'd seen its mom do in front of them while they were still in ther nest. Then the little bird took off for good to the next tree over and out of sight.
I got a couple of snaps of the pretty hydrangeas coming into bloom and Ranger asking me could I please grab her ball from the other side of the fence.

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