Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Countdown

Deciding to walk this morning to the new LAMill Coffee Shop (oops, coffee boutique) for breakfast and a reeeeealy good cup of Joe, I was looking forward to having one of their specialty coffees prepared uniquely at the table using an ancient Japanese syphon brewing method. We arrived before 9:00 and were told table service for breakfast didn't start until 9:00. So we opted to take a walk through the neighborhood, up to the dog park, wind our way up a side street, and take one of the stair streets back down, taking photos along the way.Getting back to LA Mill at about 9:10 or so we were greeted by the hostess and given the option of a table inside or out. We opted for a table for two outside. We were seated, given menus, water, place settings. Then it all came to a screeching, stomach growling, where's the damn waitress, halt. Once we decided what to order, we waited...and waited...It's now 9:30. Will sets his watch timer for a five countdown. I got up and went inside to find the hostess and let her know we were ready to order. She looked at her wrist and said something about "maybe the waitress doesn't know it's 9:00 yet". Whaaaat? If your table service stars at 9:00 don't you think you know when the clock strikes that hour of the morning and start serving? And there are certainly other customers and they have coffee, and dishes are coming out of the kitchen, people are behind the counter brewing and pouring. I said "It's beyond 9:00 and we're waiting to place our order". She asked where we were sitting. I pointed to the table just on the other side of the floor to ceiling / wall to wall plate glass window,

Returning to the table I told Will what the hostess said. She came to our table a minute later and told us the waitress would be right out. We waited some more and then Will's wristwatch said "times up", and up we got, and left.

See ya!

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