Saturday, April 05, 2008

Miss You

I'm missing him so.

And the dogs will hear something out front and think its him. They both run to the door, tails fiercely wagging, joy in their little faces. They wait, look back at me, and wait. As they look towards the door and he doesn't come, their tails slowly stop wagging and droop. They mope around looking at me like "Where's dad?"

I think about him in everything I do. Make coffee (just enough for one). Getting ready for work in the morning. Coming home at the end of the day. This morning I went to get the newspaper and someone had stolen it from the front steps,an empty blue bag is all there was. And see, I filled the water dish, scooped the poop, brought the trash cans up. See...

I can't wait until he comes home.
But, maybe I'll leave some dishes in the sink. He'll like that.

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