Sunday, October 24, 2010

Family Visit

Meeting my Mom in the middle between where she lives on the east coast of Myrtle Beach, SC and me on the west cost of Los Angeles, CA we made our way to the beautiful mountain town of Troy on the Kootenai River in northwest MT at the end of September.

Mom and I met up at the Denver airport and caught the twin engine prop to Kalispell, picked up a car and drove the 2 hours on the 2 highway passing rivers, lakes, meadows and mountains, arriving at Grandma and Jimmy's house by mid-afternoon. Neither Mom nor I had the street address but as long as you're on the right side of the main street and left of the railroad tracks, who needs an address.

With no agenda other that to visit with my family I settled in to the sofa and conversation. I see my family so seldom. We're few and scattered around a bit, and when my Mom told me she was planning a visit I told her to let me know when and I'd be there.

Through my entire adult life, and before, we would all get together at Grandma and Grandpa's house for Thanksgiving. Every year, year after year. My Mom used to pay for my flight when I was still a young adult and making my way on my own. I treasure those memories and still find myself trying to adapt to the new calendar of my life. And to my family that is less one important person in my life.

Lot's of things will make me think of my late Grandpa, and my thoughts of him are always, always, deep and calming and I brim with my memories of him. We all do.

So when I have the chance to see my family, even if only for a day or two, I'm there. I'm always there.


Meg said...

So great! Looks like where i'm from, Utah!

Jeanette said...

Susan this is a beautiful post of our trip to Grandma's house. I think I need a Kleenex.

Susan said...

Thanks for stopping by Meg.

Yeah, Mom, Grandpa was sure loved. In my eyes he is the greatest man that ever lived, you ALL mean the world to me.