Saturday, October 15, 2005

Exerpts from Mom

I'm cleaning out my email inbox and I want to save my Mom's "letters". She writes often. More than we speak anymore. We used to talk every Sunday morning. I'd get up and at about 7:00 or 8:00 or so, coffee mug in hand, I'd take the phone to the bay-window seat overlooking my garden and giver her a call. Every Sunday. Rarely did we miss a day. Now that I'm married and she's retired and on the road with Lorne RV-ing full time I'm neve quite sure what time zone she's in and more often than not when I do call I get voice mail.

They are having the time of thier lives. I've exerpted some of the content of her emails to me last month. I'll post more as I go back further in my inbox. But here are a few from September.

Even from a place they don't partucularly like.

09/09/05 4:35 pm Pigeon Forge - "...and what a mess it is. We were going to stay a week but changed our minds. Going to Dollywood, then just going."

I've told Mom about Blog Spot hoping she'll start a blog. I need pictures.

09/13/05 8:50am Hi ya all - "We are in North Carolina near the Smokey Mountains. ...I've seen what I think is the Kudzu Vine and it covers everything. It makes the trees lo
ok like giant green mummies....The eagles soar here high in the sky, really something to see."

My Grandma and Grandpa sold thier house in Ono, then moved to Central Valley and sold that house, then Grandpa died and she sold that house and moved to Montana, where my Uncle Jim and Elva live. This is her new house there.

09/17/05 8:19am - Fwd: New House - "Hello, Jeannie, I expect to move into this house in about 4 weeks. Jim
nd Elva found it for me...Love Momma."

I just love that Mom and Lorne are loving the road and seeing the country.
A milestone was reached in N. C.

09/27/05 3:32pm North Carolina - "We drove up into the Smokies and came to the Charokee Indian Reservation. The town of Cherokee is right along the river which is beautiful. Then intermixed with all this beauty is so much hokey Indian stuff...huge casinos, motel after motel, moccasin store, genuine indian made blah blah blah.... I'm still barking like one of the frogs around here, so we ate at DQ outside along the river....Got a little slop over from (hurricane) Rita yesterday but nice We've been gone a year."

You know I think about you all the time, Mom. We'll see you at Grandma's in July. Love, Susan and Will.

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