Saturday, October 29, 2005

Pumpkin Spiced Coffee Weather

Another Saturday. I organized my desk and copied some documents to begin a potential project requiring a city application. It's 7 pages of ill-written instructions, guidelines and information, that provide none of those things. Calling the City RSD is even less helpful. But I can plod through it and hopefully gather all the documents I need to get it processed.

In the meantime my husband and I had breakfast and Pumpkin Spiced coffee and periodically walked outside to check on the weather and the animals. LBC had him some grub on the porch, then with Jiggy in tow he walked to side of the house and rolled in the dirt and lay in the sun.

I filled the water dish in the garden. Our cats as well as LBC and Pico drink from it. Probably the skunks and raccoons too, but I like to have a regular water source for the animals.

Not much else going on today, which is fine by me. We have plans to go to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery for their Dia De Muertos event and we'll carve pumpkins this weekend. I'll have to find something skeleton-y for us to wear tonight.

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