Sunday, October 23, 2005

Soggy Sunday Mornin'

While the breakfast potatoes were cooking I grabbed the camera and walked out the back door to see what was happening on this soggy Sunday mornin'. I had noticed that the clump of bulbs were sprouting. These will be glorious pink trumpet lilies.

I noticed my beloved Bink sitting atop the south gate and snapped some rather blurry shots of him as he made himself comfortable.
Back inside the kitchen to give the potatoes a shake in the pan I heard Bink's tell-tail "Raaa" which he usually delivers when another of our cats invade his space.

I looked out the back door and found this: Pepper had hopped up onto the gate along side Bink and both were hangin'. Bink's ears are a little on the low side indicating a "get away from or else I'll scratch your eyes out" disposition,
but they both held their place on the same gate long enough for me to show my husband the image I captured and for him to set up the Rebel and get an in-focus shot of the two (

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