Monday, November 14, 2005

A Beautiful Turn

I couldn't wait to hit the road for Death Valley. I was looking forward to the clean fresh air, the decompression of getting away from the city, not showering for 2 days and wrapping my hair up in a bandana, and basically ruffing it. And that we did. We had running water and flushing toilets at the camp though. But I'm very familiar with pit toilets too. And I've peed my share behind shrubs and in gullies. So when we passed the rockosaurs, we pulled off to the shoulder of the road, hung a u-ey and got out and took some pictures. And so began our adventure. Camp went up easily. The sky was clear and the wind as calm as could be so we settled in for the evening. Of course we brought a boat load of provisions. The necessities...water, wine, beer, steaks, and corned beef hash and eggs, bread, peanut butter and jelly, beef jerky, craisins, baked beans, hot dogs, pork chops, peas... Enough to keep us fortified. Oh yeah, and cream filled oatmeal cookies and milk which we had by the campfire after dinner. Will prepped the coffee for the morning and we stowed the food in the vehicle. But, we left the basket containing the cutlery and condiments (in which I had a baggie of brown sugar for our coffee) and some other paper products on the table.
When we got up and set Will set the pot on the burner to percolate, I noticed the brown sugar baggie was gone. Upon further investigation we discovered coyote prints in the desert dirt tracked up onto the table bench. The coyotes stole our brown sugar! Saturday morning we rose leisurely and had coffee (without sugar) and scrambled eggs and corned beef hash and then hit the road for Titus Canyon. We passed an old mine and stopped at a ghost town. These beautiful shrubs in varying coppery hues were all over.And the sunlight shone golden through the valley.

An old rusted home sitting just below a mine shaft of the ghost town.
Beautiful and dramatic folds and juts of red rock through the magnificent Titus Canyon,
And bluer than the bluest skies ever.

A longhorn sheep pteropglyph carved into the stone.
Back at camp in the late afternoon sun we went for a walk that produced loooong shadows across the wash.
The road through the northern end of Death Valley after breaking camp Sunday morning and heading out by way of...
Crank Shaft Junction, around Last Chance Mountain ...
on our way to Eureka Valley and the Eureka Dunes.
No, we didn't conquer the dunes this time but we did reach the warmth of the sun and had some play time in the sand...
before once again heading out towards home. But not before encountering a surprising little canyon that opened up onto the Eastern Sierra ridge-line. Beauty surrounds us everywhere we turn on this trip. Beauty surrounds everywhere we turn. And when we can turn to each other and rely on each other that is the most beautiful turn of all.


Will Campbell said...

Beautifully written and presented. I love you so much, baby!

Stan said...

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