Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Reveal

I started a bathroom re-do a couple of weeks ago. It's a pleasant enough bathroom but small, measuring a scant 6' x 6'. And because of it's small size it can handle a little drama. Which it was certainly lacking before.
My vision was make it a French boudoir type space and I searched the internet for toile fabric for a window treatment and to cover the glassed tub enclosure. Trouble is all I could find in a black and white toile was a too heavy type of fabric. I wanted something sheer and light. I ended up finding a graphic black and white print of Paris-scapes and landmarks with a toile feel. The crowning piece to replace the old ceiling light fixture was to be a crystal chandelier. But they're expensive, and I really wanted to do this on a budget since we plan on remodeling that are of the house in the not too distant future anyway.

I searched the blessed internet until I found something I liked that was reasonably priced. It was delivered this past Thursday. So the project for the weekend was to install it, well to have my husband install it. So I located the correct circuit breaker to shut off the electricity to my bathroom.

While Will hauled the ladder out of the basement and wrangled the old fixture down I measured the chain for length and prepped the new fixture by threading the wires through the thingy. The house wires were in decent shape and Will wrapped them in some electrical tape for good measure. Now, anyone can tell you I'm damn handy around the house and have an extended collection of my own tools, but anything electrical has always been a mystery to me. But now I got my baby to take care of the puzzling wires. I held while he wrapped wires and put those orange caps on them, screwed the bracket into the ceiling. All was going good when we discovered that he had trimmed the ground wire too short. Rather than remove a couple of links raising the fixture higher than I wanted it to be, he unscrewed the fixture from the bracket and added a length of ground wire and re-did the whole process, because he wanted me to be happy.

Light fixture up and working, and Will off on his maiden ride with the Phoenix, I trimmed up some black and white photographs of Paris found online and framed them, arranged them collage like on the bathroom wall. Project complete.



Will Campbel said...

Looks wonderful, baby! Glad I could lend a hand to make it happen. Love You!

East Coast Girl said...

Fabulous! I love the effect, and the black & white with the yellow is great. It hardly seems like the same bathroom as before. You could sideline as an interior decorator!