Sunday, March 19, 2006


In my inbox this morning was an email form my Uncle Jim in Montana with news of what's going on around there. The photo attached to his email (above) is of Shasta Dam, which is where I'm from, just north of Redding CA. I remember one summer when I was in high school I took a job cleaning house boats on Lake Shasta. I'd wear my bathing suit and when I could I'd take a break and jump in the lake to cool off. It can get to be a hundred or so in the summer.

My husband and I will be back in the Cascades this summer on our way to Troy Montana for the 4th of July to visit my family. We're all converging there from various points. I've been routing the roads and places to stay and things to do and see. There's so much country to see. And we'll be packing a lot in this time out.
I get regular updates from Mom as she travels the country with Lorne, and I look forward to these weekly contacts. Now in Myrtle Beach, she's walking the beach regularly and collecting sea shells, and I expect I'll get a hand made card from her embellished with some of her finds for my birthday (hint).

They obviously keep track of my doings through this, my blog. And I get news of my brother through Mom. Right now I have the Road Atlas open in front of me looking at the Blue Mountain ridge in NE Oregon and the little dots running along the lines that indicate scenic byways, and they're everywhere.

Man, we're gunna see some beautiful country on the road. And the call of my family is getting stronger as the time grows nearer. I hear my family calling me. In my heart and my soul, they're calling me.

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Susan - I've got tears in my eyes.