Saturday, March 25, 2006

Say Hello to Knee Braces

The 3rd of three bids came in this week for the paint job. And it's much more than I expected. So I'm considering scaling back the project to just the painting, and take on the rest of the trim and repair work down the road. The thing I wanted to do most was restore the knee braces to the roof overhang. I don't know where they went, but I wish whoever removed them would have just thrown them in the basement or something. All that's left are the horizontal posts.They were there at one time.
I can see where the shingle siding has been patched where the 45 degree angle piece connected to the siding. But the painters don't seem to know where to get them. You would think that someone stocked them. 'Cause they're everywhere, in some form or other, on almost all craftsman homes. Or you would think that some salvage yard would have a mountain of them. It took some research before I found out what they were called. Not corbles. Brackets are kind of correct. They're actually called knee braces. Now when I'm driving down the street all I see are knee braces. Straight cut knee braces, double straight cut knee braces, milled knee braces, notched knee braces, knee braces everywhere. The good thing is Jesus called me and he's coming over tomorrow to take a look at the project and give me a bid. I'll bet he knows what knee braces are. And I bet he knows where to get 'em. And if not I found a solution. Walking with Will last weekend we passed a spectacular house with the most unusual round port windows and lovely knee braces. They were straight cut, but with corble type mill work just at the base. Pretty.
I searched online and found all kinds of corbles and dental molding and Victorian mill work, but NO craftsman knee braces. I did find brackets, but they were solid pieces, not open triangles. Then I found corbles that would create the effect of the one's I like above. So if I order them (I have 15 to be restored) I think I might have a solution. And I think it might work.


Anonymous said...

I live in Pasadena and am looking for knee braces too. Where did you find your "solution"? Could you share that with me?

Thank you. Marie

Cinnamon Thoughts said...

Hi Marie: I finally found what I was looking for on I'm going to have the diagonal support pieces cut to fit then I'm "capping" it at the base with a corbel that echoes the cut of my front porch's pergola ends. When it's all done and painted it'll look like one cohesive piece. I called my painter last week to see when he could started on my project and hopefully I'll have this done by then end of the month (August). I'll have photos of course.


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