Saturday, March 04, 2006

Painted Ladies of Carroll Avenue

Will read about the L. A. Conservancy's 1st Saturday of the month walking tour of Carroll Avenue, our neighboring neighborhood atop Angelino Heights, and booked us a couple of spots on the line.
Victorian houses aren't my favorite choice of house style. I like the substantial Craftsmans with their stone, big tapered collums and deep overhangs, and Tudors are nice with their steep pitched roofs, and I like the Mediterranean style with their courtyards. But when done right and all in a row, the painted ladies are beautiful, and crazy ornate.
We walked there from our house and walked another 2 1/2 hours on the tour, then walked back (burning calories all the way).
Plenty of the houses were fully restored and gleaming, while several others were in some state of partial restoration with their sides sanded down to the bare wood looking all weathered and ghost infested. (Note: Must go back during Halloween).

I was surprised to see that not only were the houses' trim painted in a high gloss, but the siding as well, making them really gleam. The two houses that were open to the tour were definitely maintained authentically with grand foyers, pocket doors and small kitchens at the back of the house (No modern kitchen renovations except for one oddly installed oven in the wall next to a vintage stove).
On our way back home we stopped and had lunch at Costa Alegre, and popped into a couple of shops along the way.

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