Saturday, August 26, 2006

Progress Report and a Mojito Please

After the painters left on Saturday I went out to see what they did, and my baby made us a couple of de-lish Mojitos. The Knee braces on the north side are still raw, but on the south side they are caulked and have a coat of primer. They have almost all of the trim primered. Still have some of the upper windows to do, but it's moving along. I think Jesus said it would be about two and a half weeks, and it's been just that. I figured that with the detail it would take a lot of hand paiting and frankly I was surprised they were able to spray the siding color on.

They have also taken great care in scraping the old paint off the window panes and cleaning up the overspary, which I'm very pleased with. That's one of Will's pet peaves about house painting, the slop of paint onto the window panes. For me it's when they put too much paint on the brush and the paint drips and hardens.


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