Saturday, August 12, 2006

Traipsing the Trails

Traipsing the Trails in Yellowstone, WY 07/06/06 - 07/09/06
Although it does seem that the majority of visitors drive from parking lot to parking lot, walk out to the vista points, and drive on to the next one. We got out of the vehicle and hit a few of the 30 plus well traveled trails in Yellowstone. And, except for Artists Paintpots, we mostly traipsed the trails in wonderful solitude without encountering too many other people (who tend to talk too loudly, walk too quickly, and generally annoy us) as we amble along and take photos, embrace under the sun, and write in the sand.Tower Fall Trail
2 miles out and back
Description: The trip to Tower Fall is one of the shortest but most rewarding hikes in the park. The trail leads to an overlook where you get a great perspective of the 132-foot waterfall. However the switch-backed trail that takes you down to Tower Creek and the foot of the falls was closed due to instability. We did manage to scramble down to the river’s edge and get a closer look and feel of it.Canyon Rim South Trail
7 miles out and back

Description: There are two ways to see the sights of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. You can drive from parking lot to parking lot, get in and out of your car several times, and call it a day. Or you can hike this spectacular trail along the canyon rim and see it all.
The scenery is world renowned the entire way with many views of the mighty Yellowstone River and its Canyon, Lower Falls and Upper Falls, all the way to Point Sublime.Artists Paintpots
2.4 miles out and back

Description: This short hike skirts the edge of massive Gibbon Meadows.
It is partly boardwalk and the rest is double wide, flat and easy, winding its way through several interesting thermal features, hot pools and steam vents.

Lone Star Geyser
9 miles out and back
Description: A very pleasant hike along the Upper Firehole River passing beautiful meadows. The geyser, named for its isolated location, erupts 30 to 50 feet every two to three hours or so for about ten to fifteen minutes. We reached the geyser and just caught the tail end of it erupting.