Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ranger Dog

Ranger got her stitches out Saturday morning and her cone came off. She's growing by the sencond and fetches with enthusiasm running back with her stick or ball and barrelling into your lap, though she needs to work on the "drop it" part a little bit more. Will's got her sitting very nicely for a cookie. This morning we went out to get the paper and I took her for a little trot up the block on her leash. She did pretty good. Here are some shots from a little play time with her stick in the back yard.


East Coast Girl said...

Oh, she is the cutest thing. I am so glad to see she is none the worse for wear after her ordeal. Thanks for posting, I have been missing Will's pup-cam.

Cybele said...

What a cutie ... and she's gotten so big!