Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Day on the (Down)Town

This morning we were going to walk to downtown to attend the Los Angeles Concervancy's Saving Los Angeles Conference being held in the Los Angeles Theatre on Broadway, but being as it's Sunday, we thought it better to lollygag and rather than stroll out on to the road and trek downtown, we drove there.

The Los Angeles Theatre is wonderful.
Man they built 'em grand back in the day. I liked that there weren't any apparent areas that were off limits, so we nosed behind curtains and through doorways, and onto balconies oohing and aahing and snapping away. Will even made his way to the rooftop.

After we had our fill there and enjoyed an exhibitor's extensive collection of vintage postcards and other printed gems,
we wound our way down the block to Clifton's for lunch. The we traversed several blocks making our way to the Central Library enjoyed the art installation there and then meandered through the Biltmore and back to Pershing Square, below which the car was parked.There continues to be some very exciting things going on downtown. It's so walkable and there are so many beautiful buildings, and I wonder how long it will be before downtown really comes alive.

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