Monday, March 12, 2007

Gimme an A

Since I bought and moved in to my house in the summer of 1999 I have seen many tenants move in and out of the rental house next door. And since the summer of 1999 I've long admired and coveted the large graphic A propped up against the run down shed in the back corner of the lot. And I've often been somewhat surprised that a tenant hasn't taken it with them when they've moved on. But there it stands still. And I hope it remains.

Funny/odd things sometimes come with rental houses. When I moved in to a rental house, once upon a time, and met the previous tenants who were moving out, they told me there was a cat, Minnie, that came with the house, and each tenant before me had fed her and taken care of her, though none ever let her in. Well, it wasn't long before I was letting her in and when I moved on she was coming with me. And she was with me until the day she died. Sweet Minnie.

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