Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Welcome Reconnection

After my husband, Will, has been filling me in on the lives he has reconnected with over the past few weeks, I find myself in the midst of a reconnection myself. Cari, my best friend from Reno, emailed me with a link to a short film "In Light of Nothing" that she has up on "The Lot".

Her kids have roles in her film "In Light of Nothing" and I've seen a wonderful Happy Birthday video message from them to their good friend Buzz. Plus photos of them on what appears to be a warm summer day, shirtless and gleefully smeared in something paint-like in all colors of the rainbow.

Cari and I have kept in distant touch by email for many years, and a couple may go by before one of us reaches out across the internet to the other. And that is always a welcome reconnection.

One of those times Cari sent me a photo, I sketched it in pencil and my Mom framed it and it hung in her house. I found a photo I took of the sketch, but where is that sketch now?
The Marvelli's were a second family to me when I was newly relocated from Redding, away from my Mom, to live with my Dad in Reno. He was never a meaningful force in my life and didn't seem to have any interest in me or what I was doing. Fresh out of highschool I was still young and when I started working at McDonald's and met and became friends with a very cool lady, Bobbi Marvelli, I then met her kids, Kevin, Cari and Stevie, and they became my family there.

Now, somehow we are all in our 40s (even Steve I think), and I think happy with our lives past and present. I think of them always and with a very special love. I was fortunate to have been welcome into their home and their lives.

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