Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pink Martini at The Hollywood Bowl

Given an opportunity to go to the Hollywood Bowl on Friday night, Will had a tough decision to make. He had to choose between Midnight Ridazz and me. Fortunately for everyone he chose me.

Pink Martini are one of my favorite groups. If I were to see anyone live these days it would be them, and probably (still) Chris Isaak. So with a basket full o' goodies, (pizza margarita, penne pesto, calamari salad and a bottle of Chilean wine) we drove to the Zoo and caught the $3 round trip shuttle bus to the Bowl.

For this special three night series the bowl was transformed into the Cocoanut Grove. Pink Martini played with the Hollywood Bowl orchestra backing them up conducted by the very engaging Thomas Wilkins. Special guests on stage for a couple of numbers were the famous 90 year old
singer Henri Salvador (born in French Guiana and influential in the formulation of the Brazilian Bossa Nova style, I'm going to have to get some of his recordings) and the timeless and absolutely wonderful Carol Channing, plus the MarchForth Marching Band on stage for some added punch.

The entire show capped off with fireworks and other pyrotechnics onstage and on the rim of the bowl, it was quite a night. What a great night.

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