Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ranger and the Rosemary Shrub

Earlier this week when I mentioned to Ranger that her ball was getting gunky, Will overheard and went to the basement to grab a new tube of tennis balls, her favorite. So this morning we retired the old gunky ball and gave her a new one; bright lime green with that new fuzzy rubber smell. She promptly rolled it in the dirt around the Jasmin then took it to the Rosemary shrub, dove in, and rolled it around in there for a good long time. The ball came our dirty and she came out smelling like Rosemary. Just about the best smell in the world.

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jeanette said...

At the craft show yesterday I met a lady that did oils of her dogs. They were all rearends. She says that is her perspective during walks. None as cute as Ranger tho.